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Our brand’s mission has always been to publish sheet music by today’s finest musicians and provide everything you need to master music. Our ever-expanding catalogue has been performed in the worlds most prestigious venues, respected radio stations, and featured in magazines and newspapers. Each composition is considered in minute detail and beautifully presented in our unique house style. Our scores are available to download and in print on the worlds best environmentally friendly paper. To aid the learning of new music we provide invaluable resources, such as video interviews, performances and articles. Our work in promoting our artists has led to hosting our music festival, taking place annually in Hertfordshire, England. Above all, we proudly give our artists possibly the highest royalties in the industry.

we publish today's finest musicians

We promote original compositions, transcriptions, interpretative editions and educational resources from modern-day musicians.

We document for now and the future

We document and record answers to questions we ask when researching past composers, so future generations will not need to guess.

More than just a score

On our premium scores you will find information, biographies, context and a link to an online study guide. This includes tips, videos and a discussion section.

We print smaller works on one sheet

Opening a music score in one long sheet dispenses with the need to page- turn and you will find that we print on some of the finest paper in Britain. Music is also available for download.

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One-Handed Virtuoso Pianist Nicholas McCarthy Compositions Arrangements
Famous Georgian Concert Pianist Composer Luka Okros, Master Music Publications

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