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Andrew Kear Harrod

Born into a large musical family in North London in 1956 I have always been surrounded by music. My curiosity for music has steadily grown and become an enduring passion and the subject of endless study and appreciation for all types of music. My career path was shaped by this familiarity and fascination and so far has taken me on a long, enjoyable and very successful journey as a full time Musician, Music Educator and Composer.
After leaving school I have been lucky enough to have studied full time at Leeds College of Music, Huddersfield School of Music and Birmingham University and after gaining PGCE status in 1979 I moved back to London. Over the last three decades I have taught in and led Music Departments in many London schools and colleges across a wide range of abilities from special needs to undergraduate level. Throughout this time I have remained a great advocate for learning for life and especially learning for all. This has not only been reflected in my career path, but has also motivated me to compose for and perform in a variety of fields including Classical, Jazz, World Music, Theatre, Puppets and Dance. In the context of music education this has included writing numerous compositions and arrangements to include all types of instrumental groupings and voices designed for all types of performers from the most and least able. I have also been involved in many amazing projects with some very interesting musicians, including John Cage, Miriam Makeba and Chaz Jankel.
My compositions are designed to be fun, playable and educational - always with the player’s capacity in mind. Over the years my inspiration to compose has increasingly arisen from anywhere, however unexpected and often been sparked by a wide variety of many different sources of stimuli. This has included Spoken and Written word, Visual images, Film and Nature. To realise and create a finished composition involves many skills, but above all my progression has been transported by my ever developing technical ability as a pianist and musician and above all a growing understanding of how to harness the power and lexicon of music. Composition has empowered me to own, share and develop a unique voice to express my feelings using music as an international and emotional language.
‘The journey is better than the arrival’ – ‘May our journey continue’

6th November 2018

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